Cretan art & Tradition

In our resort you will have the opportunity to join very interesting and unique courses that will inspire your creativity and enhance your knowledge. In the past we have collaborated with some groups (from Holland, England, United States, Finland), in courses such as: Fine Arts Cretan dances Cretan Cuisine Gymnastics We also worked with environmentalists, writers and English teachers. The Global Volunteers was one of the most recent groups which visited our resort and participated in some of these courses. These programs must consist of 10 to 20 people and last for about two weeks during

General activities

All the following activities of our resort are oriented by the excellent Cretan hospitality, love and the responsibility of our work to make your stay an unforgettable experience. After the first rain of winter: snail collection of hills and mountains. November – April: oil production Walking in the countryside: collection of vegetables throughout the year except for summer hours. Mushrooms, asparagus and arbutus berries from nearby forests. The arbutus berries are also popular as elegant fruit of Cretan nature. Agricultural activities: planting potatoes (all year) and several other winter crops. Collect eggs from the henhouse. February-March:


Holiday resort which offers many seasonal activities such as: Mowing and milking sheep Collection and preparation of olive oil Live Cretan Music Local cheese making The fresh and clean mountain air and mountain streams make this area an ideal place for: Walking Hiking Cycling Guided Tours / Tours The surrounding area offers many tours and excursions, with a degree of difficulty from very easy until very difficult. The trails traverse canyons, forests and caves in an area with abundant vegetation and a wide variety of colors. In spring, you can see wild orchids and Cretan herbs